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Denon DN-A7100 Professional 7.1 A/V Surround Preamplifer $999



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Denon DN-A7100 Professional 7.1 A/V Surround Preamplifer
Denon DN-A7100 Professional 7.1 A/V Surround Preamplifer
At the top of the DN-A7100 feature list is its 8 true balanced line-level outputs. In many professional applications, the main feature utilized in any AV switching product is its ability to decode digital surround sound signals and output them to their specific speaker output. The DN-A7100 is no exception. It is compatible the with most advanced surround sound formats and because of its unique design, the DN-A7100 is ideal for any installation that requires high-quality, channel separated audio outputs — especially those installations where adapting unbalanced RCA preamp outputs is completely unacceptable (and it always is!) or the extra weight of ill-purposed, unused consumer power amps is not needed. Many installations now require surround sound decoding. From big deployments with many power amps driving line array speaker systems to small boardrooms and home theaters with active monitor systems, the Denon DN-A7100 is the affordable, professional choice.

    * 7.1 Balanced Line Level XLR Outputs (+4 dB/-10 dB - switchable)
    * Balanced XLR Auxiliary Audio Input (+4 dB/-10 dB - switchable)
    * HDMI Video Switching (ver. 1.1) (2 sources)
    * 192 kHz/24 bit Crystal DAC for all 8 Channels
    * 32 bit Digital Surround Processing Chipsets
    * Set-up menu via Video Outputs (Composite, S-Video, Component)
    * Video Convert Feature (Composite/S-Video to Component)
    * Dolby Digital EX, Dolby Digital, DTS ES (Discrete 6.1, Matrix 6.1, Neo:6) Decoding
    * Dolby Pro Logic IIx (Movie, Music, Game)
    * Circle Surround II (Movie, Music, Mono)
    * HDCD Decoding
    * RS-232C Terminal for System Control
    * XM Ready

Balanced XLR Auxiliary Inputs

In addition to the DN-A7100’s 8 balanced line outputs, it’s thoughtfully equipped with a pair of stereo XLR inputs. Switchable between +4 dB and -10 dB input levels, these inputs are ideal for any source such as a professional CD player in a boardroom or an outboard microphone mixer in a conference hall.
Full-featured AV Source Switching

The DN-A7100 is not just a surround sound decoding preamp. It is a full-featured AV source switcher. All audio and video sources in an installation are easily hooked up to the rear of the unit and from the front panel, the included IR controller, or by RS-232, the end-user may easily select whichever source they wish to enjoy.
Source Video Switching with Convert to Component

Let’s face it. Even in today’s technically advanced systems, not all video components have high definition outputs. Many boardrooms still rely on source products like VCR’s and analog TV tuners.
There is nothing worse than having to run multiple video cables to a display.

Well, that’s OK. With the DN-A7100’s convert to component feature, it does not matter which input your device hooks up to. Simply plug your TV tuner into the composite TV input and your S-VHS into the VCR S-video input, the DN-A7100 converts the signals to the component outputs, allowing you to only run one set of cables to the display.
7.1 direct audio inputs

Ensuring compatibility with any future component, audio format, or external equipment with decoded outputs (i.e. SACD, Blu-ray player, HD-DVD player) is not a problem with the inclusion of the 7.1 direct audio inputs.

The DN-A7100 is controllable via it’s included Infrared remote controller or by RS-232c serial control. A 9-pin D-Sub connector allows for integration into any installation with a Crestron® or AMX® control system.

FM Tuner Specifications: • Frequency Range: 87.5 – 108.0 MHz • Usable Sensitivity: IHF 1.8 µV/16.4 dBf • Signal to Noise Ratio: Mono/Stereo 75/70 dB • Distortion: Mono/Stereo 0.2/0.3 % • Stereo Separation: 1 kHz 45 dB • Alternate Channel Selectivity: ± 300 kHz 60 dB • Image Rejection: 98 MHz 70 dB • Tuner Output Level: 1 kHz, ± 75 kHz Dev 800 mV.

AM Tuner Specifications: • Frequency Range: 520 – 1710 kHz • Signal to Noise Ratio: 50 dB • Usable Sensitivity: Loop 400mV/m • Distortion: 400 Hz, 30 % Mod. 0.5 % • Selectivity: ± 20 kHz 70 dB.
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Denon DN-A7100 Professional 7.1 A/V Surround Preamplifer 
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