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Power Jack 5000/10000 watt pure sine wave power inverter 12VDC/110 VAC $699



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Power Jack 5000/10000 watt pure sine wave power inverter 12VDC/110 VAC
Power Jack 5000/10000 watt pure sine wave power inverter 12VDC/110 VAC

Power Jack-Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter

10000 Watt max. 5000 Watt, 12v DC / 110v AC, 60Hz


Best Quality :

Inside Transformer is made in Taiwan, not in China

Mos-Fet is made in Germany (very reliable for load the heavy machine)

The PCB Board is made by machine, not made by hand

other Materials come from Taiwan, assemble in Taiwan, not in China


2x Universal Plug (wolrdwide useable)

(fits perfect for European Countrys) 

The Adapter supplies 110 Volt alternating current for electrical appliances

with power up to 5000w max. 10000w !!! 

Ideally suitable for Journeys, Camping, Tents, Boat Trip, Working on the way and everywhere, where is no electricity !

Simply connect our Power Inverter with a 12v Battery

for example as in a Car, Motorcycle, Camper or Boat and use 110v electrical appliances.

 Possible Uses:

Equipment: Computer, Printer, Monitors, Fax Devices, Scanner

Entertainment Electronics: TV, DVD-Player, Play Consoles, Hi-Fi-Systems, Music Instruments, Satellite Decoder

Household Appliances: Vacuum Cleaner, Fans, Electric Shaver, etc...

Kitchen Devices: Coffee Maker, Mixer, Ice Machines, Toaster etc...

Electrical Tools: Drill, Grinding Machines, Pruning Shears,

Compressors, Pumps etc...

 Specifications :


Power Jack

Model No.


Continuous Output Power


Max Output Power


Output Wave Form

PURE Sine Wave

DC Input Voltage

DC 11 Volt - 15 Volt

AC Output Voltage

AC  110 Volt


60Hz ± 3%



No Load current Draw




Temperature Protection

55 Grad C ± 5 Grad C

Input Low Voltage Protection


Circuit protection


Output Short Circuit Protection


Overload Protection



40cm x 23cm x 16cm

Net Weight

10 kg

Made in


How much power should the inverter have? :

If the label of your electrical appliance does not shows the Watt, but you know the Amp (A),

you can calculate the Watt with following formula:

Ampere (A) x Volt * (V) = Watt
(*230 Volt Europe, 240 Volt Australia, 110 Volt America) 

All Television Sets, Monitors, Notebooks, Coolers, Pumps, Machine Tools

and many further inductive devices have an extremely high short term starting current.  


If your TV equipment indicated an output of 150 Watt, the starting current can be up to 10 times.

This would mean, that you must select a Power Inverter, which can accept a short term maximum performance of 1500 Watt.

Please absolutely pay attention to this important factor and order none to weak Inverter for your equipment

because it could damage the inverter and your appliance !!! 

If you want to use our Power Inverter with a special Appliance, ask us please before !!!


Fluorescent Lamps:

When switching on fluorescent lamps or tubes the inductive tensions can develop some of thousand Volt.

Therefore you must let insert a connecting starter.

Additional 110v Alternating Current Generator:

You need a special switching device that it comes no damage to the Power Inverter.

Cigarette Lighter Plug:

The plugs are made only for an output up to 200 Watt.

Please don’t use Inverter and Appliances which have a higher operating level.

  Why you should buy our Power Inverter? :


1. Our PCB Board is manufactured by machines, not by hand ! This is extraordinary clean and it gives no cable tangle !

2. Our Material is „First Hand Material! We don t use “Second Hand Material“ like many other supplier !

3. Important Delivery Parts are manufactured in USA, Japan and Germany, not in China !

4. The Power Output is very constant.

When using Strong Machines the IC Program recoginizes this and provides at the beginning a Higher Power which adapded later !

If you use our Power Inverter for a long time, you can see the difference to similar products of other suppliers !!!


Certificates :
All our Power Inverters have the certificates necessary for

Europe, U.K, USA and Australia: CE, E11, EMS, RoHS

*Note* :

1.Each unit includes 2 sets of glass fuses, if you use too big of a appliance than the inverter's power capacity, the fuse will be burned, just replace the fuse by yourself, this will not including the warranty.

2. When you replace the fuse, pleass dont not use the appliance again, it means the appliance is over load power than the inverter.
3. When you want use the engine, motor any heavy power appliances, air pump, please ask before using, as some heavy power tools, it's 10 to 20times power than the appliance mentioned.

No remote, No battery cable included, unit only


**Note* These ship to us direct from China mfg. Please allow 3-5 weeks for delivery
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Power Jack 5000/10000 watt pure sine wave power inverter 12VDC/110 VAC 
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